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Transportable Homeless Shelter Backpack

This is possibly one of the greatest concepts ever… a transportable homeless shelter backpack, and I feel the government should be producing something like this to provide to the homeless.

Backpack for Homeless

Knowing real experiences of homeless living in the streets, school designer Kolding school of design Ragnhild Terpling LÜBBERT has devised a dream called hard urban backpack that supports and enhances the lifestyle for the homeless by meeting some of their needs.  The most basic needs fulfilled: storage, mobility and shelter.

Designed to be sold as camping equipment for a general audience10of all profits are given t those without adequate housing for a dream drive free city.

Homeless Backpack


The backpack hybrid expands into a fully retractable structure and is transformed into a tent, providing one large shelter for the needy.  Once compressedthe bag provides enough space to store the supplies essential for lifeblankets, shoes and other toiletries.



I know there are a lot of great programs out there that are trying to help the homeless like http://www.homelessbackpacks.org, but this is one of the best ideas I have ever seen for a backpack, and it is something that people actually need!!  How many times have you walked by someone laying in the street and thinking “if only they could stay clean, stay dry, stay warm, etc.”  This is that solution in my opinion.


Some other cool backpacks for the homeless:


Images and concept originally found here: http://www.cienciaartediseno.com/2013/07/refugios-para-indigentes-transportables.html