Solar Backpack Perfect For Camping

This week’s backpack review is focused on finding Solar Backpack that is good for camping.  I looked at a ton of solar backpacks, but none of them really seemed like the type I would wear around until I found the Eclipse Solar Backpack.

Solar Backpack

This backpack enables you to take your mobile devices off the grid and still have the ability to charge up using mother nature.  This backpack combines the features of a top quality backpack while giving you the ability to recharge with a powerful, thin-film solar module. The backpack contains multiple organizer pockets for you to place your electronics in.   Smart phones, iPods, and accessories all fit conveniently. The rear of the backpack has a separate padded laptop space, for those that need it.

Now, personally, I wouldn’t need to take a backpack around town that needs a solar charger… but I would use it for camping.  This is why this back is great.  First off, its a Camo backpack!!  It has external mesh pockets that can be used for a water bottle or other snack items for quick access. The backpack also has a large main area for books or extra clothing when traveling when not using your geek gadgets.  The front zippered accessory pouch includes pen holders, cd holders, and a removable clip for USB memory sticks or keys.  Again, not too sure why you would need to carry all these items, but when camping, it is better to have what you need and not need it than the other way around.

The light-weight, flexible, thin-film solar charging module provides 4 Watts of power to charge your handheld gadgets quickly and efficiently. Using a cell phone as an example, you can trickle charge the cell phone battery during casual hikes.  You can also charge through the backpack using a standard 12V cigarette lighter cord (not included). The result is an extension of battery life, and a source for charging when traveling in remote areas where traditional charging sources are not available, and in emergency situations.

Eclipse Solar Backpack – Camo – Click for More Details

What are people saying about this Solar Backpack

  • It charged our Ipod on a cloudy snowy day in under 2 hours! This bag is the real deal and strong. I admit at first I balked at the price, but it’s worth every dime.
  • The Solar panel works just the way they described, charging a phone or external battery. I am happy with my purchase.
  • The backpack works ok outdoors but not so well indoors. I could not get the panel to charge in artificial lighting, maybe you need a 300watt spotlight?


  • Flexible, Thin-film Solar Module providing up to 4 Watts of Power
  • Padded, felt-lined laptop computer cavity
  • Large main cavity, large side pockets, mesh water bottle pockets
  • Padded shoulder straps, padded waist strap
  • Made in the USA – NICE!!

Product Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 8.8 x 18 inches ; 3 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 5 pounds
  • Item model number: BP640925
  • Average Customer Review – 4.5 Stars

Do you own any solar backpacks like this? If so, please take a moment to tell us about it in the comment section below and help others to make informed buying decisions.

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