High Sierra Loop Backpack Product Review: Be Awesome With This Cool School Backpack

High Sierra Loop Backpack

Going back to school means preparing for school supplies, including a new backpack. And you can never go wrong with the High Sierra Look Backpack. Just like the rest of the High Sierra cool backpacks, the ‘Loop’ is made to perfection.

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High Sierra Loop Backpacks

The High Sierra Loop Backpack Review: A look at its features:

–          2.04 lbs. school backpack

–          Multi – compartment design with premium organizer

–          Padded bottom straps

–          Durable hook

–          Beverage mesh

–          Accessory pocket

–          MP3 or music device pocket

–          Padded straps

–          32 backpacks different colors and designs

High Sierra Loop Backpack Product Pros:

  • Best organizer for your things as it has a compartment for either your school things or your gadget. Plus a key fob in case you need to a space for your loose keys.
  • 600D Duralite feature that keeps your school backpack dry with its water-resistant coating.
  • Hexagon and Waffle Weave Ripstop feature. This special fabric feature also has its water-resistant coating that is great to keep your things dry.
  • Amazing shoulder strap. This padded shoulder strap has a non-slip, comfy and easy carrying feature that disburse the heaviness of your things on your shoulder. To prevent from having twisted backpack strap, there is swivel clip to do the job.

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High Sierra Loop Backpacks

The Product Cons:

  • The straps gets easily tear or ripped if snagged.
  • The zipper on the front pocket may break off easily

Customer review and Ratings

High Sierra Loop Backpack is the best school backpack for you or your teens. It has every feature set for the young professional or cool youngster through its 32 different colors, styles and designs.

With the amazing feature of this product many customer have given great reviews about it. One of the customers has branded this product as the greatest backpack she ever had. It is great for keeping her books and other necessary things for school. She have also included that she love this product as well as the good quality that it has to offer to her and to all other customers. With this review, it had gained a 4.4 star rating. It is not bad to have this type of cool backpack.

About the listed disadvantage of this product, all of those may be avoided if the user is careful. This is the kind of incidence that does not happen every day. It is always an isolated case. It is also important to note that even this product got a few disadvantages as any product has, it is still a best seller. More importantly, this school backpack is reasonably priced and is worth price. In fact, it is so much more than its price.

High Sierra Loop Backpack Product Review: Our Verdict

After a thorough look at the High Sierra Loop Backpack, we can say that this is one product you should seriously look at. This high quality backpack is recommended to be bought and used by every school kid or young professional.

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High Sierra Loop Backpacks

Free School Backpacks by Salvation Army

Backpacks is an essential and must-haves for everyone especially for kids. They use it to carry their books and school supplies. Whether you are an adventurous traveler or a student, you need a strong backpack with you.

Everyone enjoys the company that backpacks bring. It helps them carry things and motivates them to be better at school.
Salvation Army came up with a charitable initiative of helping everyone experience the comfort of backpacks.

More at

Help – Donate School Backpacks

Helping others will actually make us help ourselves. It’s best to not look for any reward in return. The Tioga County Open Door Mission and The Red Door are humbly asking for donations of school backpacks with supplies. School backpacks and supplies are one of the basic needs of children. The mission is to help the community start a positive year. Thus, humanitarian acts help to provide for those who are in need.

Read more: http://thedailyreview.com/news/buy-a-backpack-help-a-child-1.1671939

Meiosis Turtle Backpack

So let me start by saying that I have not physically seen or touched this backpack, but I think it looks really cool so I had to feature it.

cool turtle backpack

The Meiosis Turtle Backpack is not for that average backpacker, it is for someone that wants to stand out from the crowd.

I don’t like to do this often, but what Gilad Davidi says is so perfectly that I decided to quote him word-for-word:

The backpack is the development of a new way of assembly that utilizes the physical attributes of the materials from which it is made. It is constructed of a three-dimensional polygon system, which is the result of released tensions and convergence of the material.

While the backpack parts are in that state, the bag gets its exterior shape, and remains so due to geometric locks as a result of the shrink. The relationship between the parts enables the opening and closing of the backpack, and determines its design and unique shape.

That is really cool!!  Gilad hails from the Shenkar College of engineering and design in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Meiosis Drawings

Feel free to reach out to Gilad via his website… which is where I also got the images.


How to Choose a Back-to-School Backpack for Your Children

Backpacks are a vitally important part of the back to school ritual. This bag is going to tote your children’s books, homework, and lunch to and from school every day. Like a piece of clothing, it needs to be both durable, and reflect your child’s unique personality. This means that most of the time, you can’t just pick the first one on the rack and expect it to work for the whole year. There are a few guidelines you can follow if you want to ensure this backpack will serve your child well for the entire school year.

Jansport Classic Student Backpack

Jansport Classic Student Backpack


Every year, it seems, schools are piling on more homework and textbooks. As our schools continue to compete to be not only the best in the country, but also in the world, students in younger and younger grades are being burdened with more and more weight. In order to ensure that all those extra pounds don’t put undue strain on your kid, make sure the backpack you choose has adequate straps. They should be supportive and securely attached. Nothing can ruin your kid’s day faster than a broken backpack strap. Also, make sure your child wears the backpack high enough. The main cause of childhood and adolescent back injury is wearing a pack too low on the hips, which causes undue strain on the back.

In recent years, the messenger bag and other one-shoulder models have become more popular. If your child insists on using one these, make sure he or she understand the importance of switching shoulders throughout the day. These bags distribute the weight unevenly, making one shoulder do the work that should be done by two.


Like having adequate straps, making sure the back of the rucksack is padded can ensure fewer back injuries. It protects not only from the sharp edges of books and binders inside, but also provides added support by alleviating some of the weight from the shoulders. Many backpacks have gel inserts or inflatable padding systems, which can make heavier loads much more comfortable to carry.


What material you choose is ultimately going to mean the difference between going out and buying an entirely new backpack every two months, and one that will last from September to May. Even kindergarteners now are often required to carry binders and hardbound books, which are the worst offenders when it comes to wear and tear on a backpack. Their sharp edges, combined with the jostling most kids put their packs through, means major wear on the bottom and sides. Most backpacks are made with rip-stop canvas or nylon, and a few even come with reinforced bottoms and handles, making them much more durable than other models.


Besides breaking a handle or strap, getting a zipper stuck is the worst fate for a backpack in the course of a day. It is annoying whether it is stuck open or stuck closed. This can be easily avoided, however, by picking backpacks that have metal, instead of plastic zippers. Plastic zippers are much more likely to break, as well as get stuck and mangled if something gets caught in their teeth. Metal zippers can see the same problems, but they won’t be destroyed as easily as plastic zippers. Another point to check is that the backpack isn’t constructed in such a way that there is fabric constantly in the way of the zipper. Testing all the zippers a few times will make sure this isn’t a problem for your child.

To Roll or Not to Roll?

The rolling backpack has seen significant debate recently, with basically two differing camps. On the first side, there are droves of parents, concerned about the weight of backpacks and the strain those backpacks put on their children. On the other side, there are teachers and school administrators, who know how hectic school hallways can be, and know that rolling backpacks can create a significant walking hazard. Plus, when a child departs elementary school and enters middle school, they often enter an environment where backpacks are no longer allowed in the classroom, and rolling backpacks rarely fit properly in lockers.

When it comes to picking a rolling backpack, as long as it is allowed by your kid’s school, it just comes does to a matter a preference. Are the risks of back injury great enough to truly be concerned? Is the tripping risk enough to be concerned? These are questions you will want to consider.


Unless your child is a strict utilitarian, he or she will probably have something to say about the design and colors of the backpack. Luckily for parents, there are plenty of styles that are also durable and comfortable to wear. Especially if you are shopping at a store that sells high quality backpacking packs and luggage, you are bound to find something in the style they love, with all of the features you know they need. For most children, all they care about is what the pack looks like, whether it has their favorite cartoon character, and that the zipper doesn’t stick when they are trying to get to their homework.

Final Thoughts

my cool backpacks

Image from: GettyImages.com

Before picking any rucksack, give it a once over, checking the sturdiness of the material, the durability of the zippers, and the overall size and construction. Bigger backpacks should have better construction, as they will likely be carrying a heavier load. With just a few simple checks, you can be sure your child’s backpack will stand up to whatever he or she puts it through.

What To Look For When Buying North Face Backpacks

North Face BackpackAt first glance, purchasing a backpack seems like a mundane task. Most parents simply pick one off the shelves, or let their children pick their own pack. But if you really consider all this rucksack is going to have to endure in the next ten months, you might want to be more careful as you make this purchase. North Face backpacks have a great reputation for sturdiness, but there is much more to a pack these days than just how well it will hold up to routine wear and tear—though that is, of course, important.


The density and weave of the fabric is going to be vitally important. Think about it; your child is going to be pulling books in and out of that backpack all day. Not just paperback books, hardcover books with some real weight to them. And binders, which can cut through flimsy fabric after only two weeks of use. What good is that backpack going to be when the bottom rips out? You’ll have to rush to the store to buy a new one before school has even really picked up. Test the fabric with your fingers, pull on it a little, feel how thick it is. Even grade school kids now have heavy books and thick binders, so don’t think you can get off with just any old backpack. North Face has a variety styles in plenty of capacities and weights.


Having a stuck zipper is probably the worst thing that can happen to a backpack. Without even a tear, the pack is useless, and it may have homework assignments trapped inside. Study zippers are an absolute must. If you’re buying your backpack in person, test all those zippers a couple of times before you get to attached to the bag. A tricky zipper will be tricky from the start. Even a plastic zipper that seems smooth at first will quickly start giving your child trouble. As far as zippers go, stick with metal ones, especially if you’re buying off of the North Face website. They just hold up better to repeated zips.

Water Resistance

Alright, so a stuck zipper might not be the worst thing that happens to a backpack—but getting wet definitely is. As you’re narrowing your choices, make sure they all boast some sort of water resistance. Remember, you’re going to put this in the hand of a six-year-old (the same goes for teenagers). It is going to be dropping in puddles, spilled on, and rained on. Things may get damp, but you don’t want water to collect in the bag, not only bringing mold, but ruining everything else inside. It’s not something that you can generally feel on a backpack’s fabric (though a tightly woven blend is going to be more effective than something cheaply made), but the North Face prides itself on quality backpacks that work in any weather.

School Rules

While most schools don’t have specific policies for backpacks—unless a private school is especially stringent about their dress code or uniform policy—some schools have very specific rules about what’s appropriate for children to carry their books in, and what’s not. For example, some school have outlawed rolling backpacks, stating that the risk of back injury is overshadowed by the risk of tripping fellow students. If your school does have any special guidelines about what is allowed and what should be avoided, it will probably be included with the school shopping list, or at the very least, highlighted on the school’s webpage.


Most backpacks are labeled not only with their size, but which grade level they are designed for. Preschoolers carry less stuff than grade schoolers, and grade schoolers carry less than high schoolers. It’s a fairly basic formula, but you will need to consider your specific schools. Some school require students to carry more than other schools, whether the curriculum is more intense, or whether they just need the students to have more stuff. Either way, what is rated for a fifth grader may not work for your fifth grader. Use past years as a way to measure what size they might need this year. The importance of having a big enough backpack cannot be emphasized enough. You’d hate to have your kids carrying things in their arms that could have been in the pack, for one thing, those books and assignments are more likely to get lost.

Technology Compartments 

As students become more and more tech-savvy at a progressively younger age, you’re going to want compartments in their backpacks where they can safely store their gear. Lots of North Face backpacks have zipper pouches inside the bag that have headphone ports, making it safer for your kids to carry their iPods and cellphones. Even if your child isn’t quite into electronic devices yet, these pockets could be great places to stow a snack, a toy, or some other valuable.


North Face BackpacksLastly, and most importantly, you want a backpack that is going to be comfortable on the kid’s shoulders. The last thing you want is your child to be carrying a painful pack every day until the end of the school year. Look for North Face backpacks with padded straps and air cushioning technology. Both of these advancements help distribute the weight better and make the rucksack easier to carry. Some elite models even have inflatable cushions, which press against the back and help alleviate some of the burden. There are even design elements that may make one backpack more comfortable than another. It all depends on how your child carries the pack. Some like it high on the back, other prefer it low on the hips.

Finding the perfect backpack, one that your child will love and will serve him well for the entire year, can be a little time-consuming, but once you find the right one, both you and your child will be glad you put in the extra effort.

Images courtesy of The North Face

How To Determine If Kids Should Get Rolling Backpacks

Rolling BackpacksRecently, rolling backpacks have emerged on the scene as the thing to get. Surrounded by buzz that they eliminate strain on a child’s back and make walking to school more fun, plenty of parents have jumped onto the “rolly backpack” bandwagon. And they look fun; being reminiscent of luggage. They can make each departure for school feel like you’re jetting off on an airplane to a new adventure. But are they actually better for children? Should they be only for some children and not for others? Should schools be allowed to regulate whether or not they allow kids to have rolling backpacks? Deciding whether or not your buy a rolling backpack for your child may come down to whether or not your child needs one for physically reasons, and whether or not your school allows them. There is always the danger that even if your student wants and need a backpack, that they are not allowed one.

Are They More “Healthy?”

According to a study put out by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, more than three thousand children suffer every year from orthopedic problems caused by carrying heavy backpacks. When third graders are varying almost half their body weight in books, there is definitely a problem (though it might not necessarily be with the backpacks). Part of the problem also lies with the kinds of backpacks parents are buying for their children. With the plethora of advanced options, it’s a wonder anyone opts to buy the bottom-rack models. With cushioning for the back and shoulders, most children are perfectly fine with a regular pack. For those with chronic back problems, or who cannot handle the weight of their books, rolling backpacks are the best option.

There is of course, a separate danger with rolling backpacks. They are a tripping hazard. So while one child might have relief, in a crowded hallway, if another child isn’t looking where he’s going, a whole other problem is going to be created. Rolling backpacks are also easier to lose and leave behind, as they are not literally strapped to a child’s back. If your child is responsible enough to hang on to their own possessions, these packs with wheels are a viable option.

Do be aware that with anything that requires the hand to perform a prolonged task, like holding on to a handle, comes a whole gauntlet of ergonomic problems. The handle must be comfortable for a small hand to grasp and pull, and in case the child does have to carry the pack from time to time, you should be sure that this is not too tiresome, and that the backpack provides adequate support.

School Restrictions

While the majority of school welcome rolling backpacks, some have banned them, as they can be a hazard in the hallways. If your school is one of these, it will probably make it clear on your “back to school” shopping list, or at the very least, on the school’s website. However, there may be other, less bureaucratic restrictions on whether or not your child can use a rolling pack. First, if your middle school or high school requires students to leave their bags in their lockers, many rolly packs are too wide to fit in the traditional locker. The solutions for this problem are two-fold. Either, ditch the pack and pick up a regular backpack, or find a teacher that will let your kid leave his backpack in her room for the day. Lots of schools won’t let anyone carry their bag around, for safety reasons, and very few are willing to compromise on this point.

Another restriction is the school’s terrain. This may seem ridiculous to some, but if your kid’s school is surrounded by rough terrain, this backpack is going to be beat up much more quickly than if it is just rolling around on smooth concrete and asphalt. Picking a version that has tough rubber wheels and reinforcement for the back and bottom is going to make all the difference when it comes to the rough and tumble school yard.


Just like any other backpack, rolling backpacks come in a wide range of styles and designs. Your child, like most children, probably has strong opinions about what looks cool and what doesn’t. Though they may want to feel like they are hurrying through airport, late for a flight as they tow their luggage, they probably don’t want to look like they are. While there are plenty of styles available, especially avoid ones that look like carryon bags. There’s no way that falls into the cool category. Rather, it looks like your parents didn’t want to buy you a new backpack, so they just dug some luggage out of storage and sent you on your merry way.

Bottom Line

The final decision—whether or not to buy a rolling backpack—is going to come down to whether or not your school allows it, and then, secondly, whether or not your child needs or wants one. While they do alleviate the strain of carrying a too-heavy pack, they do create other hazards, and realistically, for the majority of children, as long as the backpack is not too heavy (less than twenty percent of the child’s weight), there is no real danger is carrying a standard backpack. For children that need them, and can fit them into their lockers, they are a great option for toting around all those heavy Algebra books.

Image courtesy of https://profile-b.xx.fbcdn.net

Transportable Homeless Shelter Backpack

This is possibly one of the greatest concepts ever… a transportable homeless shelter backpack, and I feel the government should be producing something like this to provide to the homeless.

Backpack for Homeless

Knowing real experiences of homeless living in the streets, school designer Kolding school of design Ragnhild Terpling LÜBBERT has devised a dream called hard urban backpack that supports and enhances the lifestyle for the homeless by meeting some of their needs.  The most basic needs fulfilled: storage, mobility and shelter.

Designed to be sold as camping equipment for a general audience10of all profits are given t those without adequate housing for a dream drive free city.

Homeless Backpack


The backpack hybrid expands into a fully retractable structure and is transformed into a tent, providing one large shelter for the needy.  Once compressedthe bag provides enough space to store the supplies essential for lifeblankets, shoes and other toiletries.



I know there are a lot of great programs out there that are trying to help the homeless like http://www.homelessbackpacks.org, but this is one of the best ideas I have ever seen for a backpack, and it is something that people actually need!!  How many times have you walked by someone laying in the street and thinking “if only they could stay clean, stay dry, stay warm, etc.”  This is that solution in my opinion.


Some other cool backpacks for the homeless:


Images and concept originally found here: http://www.cienciaartediseno.com/2013/07/refugios-para-indigentes-transportables.html